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EricN Publications by Eric Niewoehner
EricNPublications by Eric Niewoehner

Eric Niewoehner -- Writer

Expect to find here a line-up of essays, technical guides, biographies and historical fiction novels.
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Introducing another Old Friend -- FA Hayek


How did I first encounter FA Hayek?  And why is it that The Road to Serfdom is strongly recommended reading?



Introducing a New Series


A God Thing


Reflections on Rachel's Prairie

And ... another New Series




Stories of an old country church in Boone County, Missouri

What's The Latest at EricN Publications


Facebook - A Sickening Feeling

Is Juneau Running Out of Diesel?

Can PayPal Be Trusted?

The Volkmer Effect

Are You a Socialist?

Adolescent Meditations

The Arc of Travel

Dust in the Wind

The Tragedy of Russia

Food for Thought

Are You Ready to Rumble?

The Road Once Traveled

Old Buildings Can Be Creepy

Rachel's Prairie

Are We In A Recession?


A God Thing



Are You A Nazi?

What Causes Inflation?

Introducing FA Hayek

The Mail-In Ballot Experience

The Debt We Owe

The Alaskan Congressional Rodeo

The Contagion of Liberty

The Solution to Paying Off Student Debt


Student Debt: Are Colleges to Blame?

The Problem of Student Debt

The Gift of Gab

Facebook -- What Say You?

What's Up with Parler

Fighting Inflation

Out of Control

Ukraine -- Poland 1939 All Over Again

The Case of Lorie Smith

Impersonators on Facebook

When Does Ten Percent Matter?

The Case of Josh Renaud (Updated)


A Note on Conspiracy

Faith -- Part II

SHAKEN but not STIRred (Updated)

The Logic of Rebellion

Broken:  Is Public Education Beyond Repair?

Power and Liberty

Transparency and Critical Race Theory

The New Wave

Can GoDaddy Be Trusted?

Sources and Traditions

The Pro Act and YouTube

When Few Were Watching

Almond Abstract and the Pursuit of Happiness

Old Friends

Ransomware and the Mechanical Pencil

Tracking Scams in Phone Messages

The Big Surprise

Open Letter to Major League Baseball

Disaster Recovery -- Case of Parler

Tribute to Rush Limbaugh


Adults in the Room


The Invisible Hand


CVS Update

Pandemic Journal

Windows 10 and Computer Vision Syndrome

Solution to Fake News

   EricN Publications

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