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Introducing a new series -- Old Friends.


Posted the first of many essays on authors who have had the most profound influence on my life.  I think you will find what they offer to be insightful.

An Old Friend:  Bernard Bailyn's book The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution.  He offers some interesting insights into what motivated the colonists to rise up against the British.

The Contagion of Liberty


The fight for liberty could be a good thing. But contagions are generally uncontrollable. They seem to have a life of their own and can travel in unexpected directions.



How is it that the Americans standing in Lexington in 1775 came to the point of shooting a British soldier?

A Note on Conspiracy

Bailyn would argue that there is a "logic" to revolution.  But conspiracy seems a bit mystical.  It was in the air in 1775.  Is it in the air today?

The Logic of Rebellion


How did we move from the loss of confidence in our government, to the contemplation of rebellion?

Power and Liberty


What is the greatest threat to liberty?  Why is it the Founding Fathers were so concerned about their liberty? 

Sources and Traditions

Ever wonder what is behind a person's thinking?  Join me in my Old Friends series as we explore the reading list of the founding fathers.

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