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Open Letter to Major League Baseball


What do you value more?  Election Integrity or Baseball?


April 2, 2021


Tribute to Rush Limbaugh


Regardless of your politics, you have to acknowledge that Rush Limbaugh rewrote the manual for news coverage.


February 17, 2021


Adults in the Room


Do you think it is time that politicians start acting like adults?


February 3, 2021


Why Parler?


Why take a stand in defense of Parler?


January 26, 2021


The Invisible Hand


Is there a need for a government response to Big Tech?


January 26, 2021




Are we capable in handling raw information from the Internet?


January 19, 2021


What's Not in a Resume


After roughly 40 years of professional work, what is not in my resume that can best explain my strongest skill?


June 7, 2020


My Pandemic Journal


A new section devoted to this phenomenal experience we all share.  First introduced May 25, 2020.


Circle of Friends


It is a peculiar aspect of friendship that time and space have to work together. Our list of friends tend to be a function of proximity and the economical use of our time... Facebook has addressed both time and space by making it easy to get in touch and to literally reach around the globe.  Yet why do we once again get disconnected?


This article is something new for me -- publishing exclusively through Facebook for a Facebook audience.


December 2, 2018


Solution to Fake News


After a very busy Alaskan summer, finally getting back to writing.  Check out this blog and de-stress from the drama of "fake news."


August 13, 2018



The Advent Conspiracy -- Continued


December 23, 2017


Just a short reminder of what can make your Christmas special.




The Advent Conspiracy


November 16, 2016


A series of essays first published in 2014, I share my journey of recapturing Christmas.


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