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Thinking Out Loud

I don't know about you, but I think the word "blog" is a bit "blah."  It sounds like something from a 1950's sci-fi B-rated black and white movie.  "The Blog!"  Back in the 80's and 90's they were called "Op-Eds", or opinion pieces or editorials.  But then came the Internet and the advent of a new language.


I consider my opinion pieces to be "thinking out loud."  Face it.  Most of what we write begins with us running or walking and talking to ourselves.  So it is with my "blogs."  While much of what I write reflects a particular view point which you may or may not agree with, the important thing to me is that I am "thinking."  You just happen to have the benefit of reading what I think.  Like much of what we think about, our ideas are continually being tested.  We often have certain notions and must struggle with how they apply to the world about us -- or even more fundamentally, should they apply at all.


I hope you find the articles on this page enjoyable and inciteful.  Your comments are always welcome.


The Solution to Paying Off Student Debt


May 16, 2022


It is interesting to note how in the real world loans work. According to the Fed, non-performing loans in the real world rest at about 1%! Yet student loans are at 23%! It is clear that the student loan market is highly distorted. The objective is to re-introduce reality into the student loan marketplace.


Student Debt: Are Colleges to Blame?


May 9, 2022


A deeper look at how colleges are responsible for the mounting cost of a education, contributing to the scale of student debt.


The Problem of Student Debt


May 1, 2022


A look at the problem of student debt and the proposal of blanket loan forgiveness.


Fighting Inflation – Everyman’s Trip to the Grocery Store


April 7, 2022


Would you believe it if I told you that I saved 25% shopping this week?


Ukraine -- Poland 1939 All Over Again


March 25, 2022


An historical perspective on the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


Broken:  Is Public Education Beyond Repair?


December 29, 2021


The controversy over critical race theory has peeled away several layers of our society that, like an onion, can only bring tears


Transparency and Critical Race Theory


December 4, 2021


Transparency implies a desire to be truthful. It assumes that the adults in the room have the confidence to calmly discuss issues. It assumes that where two people disagree, they can still respect one another. CRT cannot stand up to that test because the more it is investigated, the darker it becomes.


The New Wave


December 2, 2021


In order for a democracy to survive it must have an informed electorate. That is why the freedom and health of the press is vital.


The Pro Act and YouTube


Looks like we are about to be hit with another wave of political ads.  The Pro Act adverisements are a taste of what we will be viewing in the 2022 elections. This may spell the end of YouTube.  And what exactly is the Pro Act?


September 3, 2021


Almond Abstract and the Pursuit of Happiness


A lesson in economics in my pursuit of almond abstract.


August 7, 2021


Open Letter to Major League Baseball


What do you value more?  Election Integrity or Baseball?


April 2, 2021


Tribute to Rush Limbaugh


Regardless of your politics, you have to acknowledge that Rush Limbaugh rewrote the manual for news coverage.


February 17, 2021


Adults in the Room


Do you think it is time that politicians start acting like adults?


February 3, 2021


Why Parler?


Why take a stand in defense of Parler?


January 26, 2021


The Invisible Hand


Is there a need for a government response to Big Tech?


January 26, 2021




Are we capable in handling raw information from the Internet?


January 19, 2021


What's Not in a Resume


After roughly 40 years of professional work, what is not in my resume that can best explain my strongest skill?


June 7, 2020


Solution to Fake News


After a very busy Alaskan summer, finally getting back to writing.  Check out this blog and de-stress from the drama of "fake news."


August 13, 2018

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