Spam Update


Published 12/09/2018


This is a follow up on a strategy I proposed back in 2016 on how you can beat spam.


Windows 10 and Computer Vision Syndrome


Published 11/27/2018


This article explores the challenges of modifying the display and presentation in Windows 10.


Computer Vision Syndrome


Published 04/17/2018


A modern day phenomena, computer vision syndrome has emerged to be one of the predominant side-effects of prolonged computer usage.  Follow my journey of what is often a painful experience, yet gain from my experience and that of many others.


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Passwords:  The Gremlins of Cyberspace


Published 02/20/2017


On November 18th, John Smith was suddenly hit by a bus while texting to a friend about the merits of eating tuna. He left behind his wife and two children. Aside from the shock of losing a loved one, life did not stop.


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Spam Filtering: Mastering Your E-mail


Published 11/01/2016


It is now a fact of life that e-mail traffic is largely spam, unwanted solicitations for your time and money, if not worse. I recall in the days of the mailbox that spam was the latest sweepstakes offer. That’s quite tame compared to the dozens, if not hundreds, of daily spam offers we encounter.  Spam cannot be avoided, but it can be controlled.


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Email: A Method to the Madness


Published 10/30/2016


Memo to the Clinton Campaign:  How We Use  E-mail Determines the Risk

I had finished writing this piece when the latest blow-up over the Clinton e-mails grabbed the headlines.  I’ll speak on that later because what I wrote below pertains to them as much as to you.  Needless to say, whether you are Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton, how you handle e-mail has significant repercussions.


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Sustainable Printing


Published July 1, 2016


As a member of the "Green Team," I had the task of checking out the office printers.  This article provides suggestions for saving paper, toner and energy.


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